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Josh and Angela Vorbau met in Philadelphia in 2005 and were soon married after that in 2006. They moved to Lancaster for a couple years only to find the Lord call them back to the ministry in Philadelphia in 2010. Shortly after their second child Samantha was born, Josh began searching for a place to worship as a family. A friend of the family suggested Rock Ministries, which was only several blocks from where they were currently living. After attending several Wednesday and Sunday services the leadership of the church approached them and asked them to pray about becoming a missionary family in the neighborhood. God was calling them to leave their jobs and home and to move into a Rock Ministries home on a drug infested corner. Since June of 2012 they have been ministering to the community from their Kensington home. Josh and Angela, along with their three children, love the Lord and pray daily that HIS light and love will be shown to the people.