Ramon crespo


I was 29 years old with terminal cancer and facing the possibility of decades of prison time. My past street life, with all its sin, selfishness and yet self-neglect had finally caught up with me. Laying in the cancer ward days from death, I wrestled with God. I felt I was at war with Him as he punished me for my past sins.  And then I broke…I gave myself to Him totally, accepting anything He had for me, whether life or death.

From that moment, the doctors noticed my condition – remarkably – improving.  I walked out of the hospital 2 weeks later cancer-free; but not before God had miraculously eliminated my legal problems! I was His completely.

I learned about Rock Ministries through my doctor and planned a day to come down to serve. I knew immediately this was where I was supposed to be. I never left! I am from north Philadelphia and now spend all my days ministering here at the Rock. What a privilege to be a missionary to my own city!

Very recently, I had a serious accident in which I almost drowned. The hospital claimed people in my condition rarely survived. Three days later, I walked out of yet another hospital! I can see very clearly now that in my brushes with death, God never intended to take my life; He was actually giving it back to me renewed, knowing what he wanted me to do with it. 

“Here I am! Send me.” – Isaiah 6:8